Due to the possible worsening of the epidemiological conditions, the Organizing Committee decided to organize the TTP 2021 Conference on-line. Technical details of the internet connection will be sent to participants prior to the Conference.
The organizers kindly ask for registration.

Conference Thermography and Thermometry in Infrared is the main conference on thermal imaging in Poland. It takes place every two years. It is a scientific and technical forum, where experts in various fields dealing with thermography can exchange their experiences, present the results of their research and discuss the use of thermography and thermometry in infrared. The conference helps in integrating the scientific and research community with industry.
The first organizer of the conference was Dr. Piotr Pregowski.Thanks to him, the conference gained a high scientific rank and contributed to the integration of scientists and technicians involved in thermography. The actual organizer of the TTP Conference is the Institute of Electronics (Lodz University of Technology). The ambition of the TTP Conference organizers is to maintain the current conference profile, i.e. to promote and develop thermographic techniques in various fields of science and technology, with particular emphasis on quantitative thermography. The TTP Conference is accompanied by an exhibition of thermal imaging equipment, where the manufacturers present their latest hardware and software achievements.

Scope of the Conference
  • Infrared detectors, detection of infrared radiation and radiometric temperature measurement
  • Thermal imaging systems and their software
  • Modelling and measurement of temperature distribution, thermal processes
  • Non-destructive testing using infrared techniques
  • Biomedical applications of infrared thermal imaging
  • Industrial applications of infrared thermal imaging
  • Civil engineering applications of infrared thermal imaging
  • Scientific and technological applications of infrared thermal imaging